Litigation Management

Most organizations will assign your claim to an adjuster without legal experience. While this may be the status quo, it often leads to wasted time and money. At Fortis Risk Solutions, a team with decades trial experience will spearhead your claim.

Until you’ve been in the courtroom and defended a case, it’s challenging to know exactly what each claim will require. That’s why we do things differently. An experienced in-house litigator will handle your claim more precisely, saving you hassle, headache, and ultimately money.

Risk Management

Why would your business take on risks it can transfer elsewhere? You might be surprised how much risk you can move away from your business with some strategic management.

What does our proactive risk management look like? We’ll tailor it to your business. As risk management experts, we can pinpoint ways your business can proactively protect itself.

General Adjusting

Claims adjusting is a traditional part of the insurance process, but we come at it with a fresh approach. Adjusting is our bread and butter, and we’ll use our experience to tailor adjusting guidelines for your specific company.

With customized guidelines, we can get straight to the point. What do we need to accomplish? How will we do it? During your claims adjusting process, we have one goal – to protect you and your business from wasted time and money.

Loss Control

We can help you prevent hazards before they ever put your business at risk. Once you become insured under one of our client’s policies, we arrange to have a professional visit your business’s location. With an eye for loss control, he or she can appraise your specific property.

This benefits your business in two ways. First, it can help you get insight from a professional about practices your business should continue in order to keep hazards out of the workplace. Secondly, it can help you pinpoint areas where your risk prevention is lacking. If we do find any of those pain points, Fortis Risk Solutions can help you develop mitigation techniques.

Independent Investigations

We believe that you deserve to be in-the-know about potential threats to your business. That’s why we offer independent investigative services. If you’ve thought of hiring a private investigator but are unsure of whom you can trust, look no further than Fortis Risk Solutions.

Through our independent investigations, we can help you stay on top of your reputation. We’ll put our trustworthy, professional team behind you to find you the information you need.


COVID-19 Update:

At RMS and associated firms, business continues as usual. Our staff is remote-capable and available to handle all partners, brokers, and insureds at the present time. Contact us today!

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